Becoming Gluten-Free

People always ask, “how do you do gluten-free?”, “How do you not eat cake or bread or bagels?” Well, my response is usually “if you felt the way I did and had the issues I had then, you might feel compelled to do it too”

However, I did not discover this gluten intolerance until I did a 5 day cleanse with my nutritionist 3 years ago. I had gone to my nutritionist because I felt awful all the time. I could not lose the weight I gained from having my kid 6 years earlier, I was always tired, always bloated, had brain fog and felt like I struggled to focus most of the time. Plus I was the one with stomach pains and could not go out to dinner without rushing home or being in the ladies room.

The cleanse I did cut out dairy, bread, red meat, coffee, peanuts, soy and processed foods. So basically, for 5 days I ate fruit, vegetables, almonds, fish, organic chicken and a ton of water. I felt amazing. I did not even realize how bad I had felt until I felt this way. I had a ton of energy, I felt lighter, no bloating, my brain fog was gone and I was glowing.

So, we introduced foods slowly back into my diet to see what the culprit was. Sure enough, I ate some french bread the next day and my symptoms were back. I literally felt like a bowling ball was in my stomach. I felt groggy and listless. Luckily, I was home because I felt so exhausted I had to take a nap. Nevermind the stomach pain and visits to the restroom. It was awful. So I stopped that day and did not eat anymore bread and I felt amazing.

Everything else was reintroduced without issue. A few months later, I tried a bite size cupcake from an amazing baker. I could not resist but I should have. My body revolted.

I spent years this way. I remember my friends and I trying to figure out what I ate at lunch or dinner. We thought maybe it’s tomatoes or cheese or maybe my bagel was bad. I did not realize how unclear my focus was until I was clear. I have friends that stopped having migraines when they cut out gluten. Others stopped getting skin rashes and breakouts.

My point of me sharing this, is not to get you to stop eating gluten but to realize that taking small steps can open up possibilities. If I had not tried a 5 day cleanse, I would never have realized that I could feel better. That I could go to a restaurant and not spend 20 minutes in the restroom after. That I don’t have to be bloated and tired. I realized that eating more veggies and fresh whole foods makes my body run better. It’s like putting good oil in your car, it just runs better. So do not be afraid to try things. Take small steps. Add an extra portion of veggies or try not having coffee for a week. You can always go back to it.

Share in the comments below how small steps have changed your life. We want to know.


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try cutting gluten for 5 days to see how U feel, it won’t be the end of the world, U can always go back to it

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