Healthy interview with Casey Fatchett Photography

I had the pleasure of sitting down with friend, colleague and dance partner in crime, Casey Fatchett of Casey Fatchett Photography. Casey is a talented wedding photographer here in New York City and last year, he took it upon himself to get healthy. Family health history, his constant aches and pains, sore feet, bad back plus his desire to carry less equipment pushed him in to evaluating his health and wellness.

His results?…. He lost 55 pounds! His feet and back stopped hurting, he stopped getting winded and had a ton more energy.

How did Casey do it? He started eating better, being more active and taking dance breaks to relieve stress. He also walked his dog a lot more. Not only does Casey feel better but so does his dog!

Tweetable #1: Walk more and be active everyday
Tweetable #2: Don’t let setbacks derail you. Just do better the next day.

Watch the entire interview with Casey to hear more about his journey to being happier and healthier.

Let us know, in the comments below, what is one step you will take to become just a little bit healthier and happier?


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