Vinyasa yoga class for back, hips and legs

Hello lovelies! For those of us that spend long days in front of the computer, many times we find that we have been sitting for hours and have not moved. I’m guilty of it all the time when I am editing jobs or designing albums. I don’t get up until I am so ravenous I am gnawing on my arm, which causes a whole other slew of problems. With all this sitting our back, hips and shoulders get really tight. This makes it tough when we have to get up and shoot or direct for 8 hours because our muscles get tighter and compensate and cause other problems.

Here is a great vinyasa class that will open up your back, hips and legs and get your body moving. Try doing this at least once a week for at least 4 weeks and if possible 2-3 times a week. It would be really great to do before a long event.

If you try this class, please make comments below. I would love to hear how you felt and if you see any improvements in how your body feels. Feel free to ask questions as well. I tried to include as many modifications and corrections/enhancements as possible.

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*this is an hd video, you can view at a higher resolution by clicking on the video, then click on the wheel icon then change the setting quality so you get a better view

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