Take a break and stretch with Sofia Negron

According to, Lena Stevens, a well known shamanic teacher who follows many ancient traditions, May is about new alignment. Spring is a time for rebirth, throwing out things that do not serve you, realigning your priorities, realigning your path to allow for rebirth. Fitting that The Healthy Photographer, started May with articles about realigning your posture. Following the theme of alignment, here are a few exercises to loosen you up and allow for better posture and allowing you to move more freely. Turn this video on to take small breaks throughout the day, right before and right after a shoot or right before you take a long walk in the sunshine. Some colleagues do it when they first wake up just to get the blood flowing and the body breathing.

check out @sofianegron 6 minute stretch to allow for free movement and realign the head http://bit.ly/thp-stretch @thehealthyphoto

camera gear pulling on that neck? processing to much? try @sofianegron stretch on the @thehealthyphoto http://bit.ly/thp-stretch

Let me know when you like to do this video and how it makes you feel. I always love to hear when someone’s well-being has improved.

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