Self-massage techniques for your hands and forearms


Hands and forearms see a lot of use as working photographers. The hands and forearms get a workout every time you go on a shoot and they can get aggravated on a daily basis when you are editing a shoot on your computer or just working on your business. The hands have a large amount of movement and dexterity with lots of bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Photographers have issues with the hands and forearms because of the repetitive and non-neutral/awkward nature of pushing the shutter, holding a camera in a certain position for long periods of time, typing and editing on a computer and just carrying heavy equipment. The combination of repetitive motion, weight bearing, awkward, non-neutral positions, the overuse of some muscles while underusing others can cause lots of discomfort. Over time, this can lead to injuries unless you take preventative measures. These measures can include regular massage therapy by a licensed professional, self-massage techniques, stretching and exercises that counteract the negative activities.

This video with Anthony Zilmer of A2Z Massage Therapy, shares a few massage techniques that will get the blood flowing through the muscles to regenerate growth and vitality in the hands and forearms. Plus a little bonus stretch for when your shooting a lot and you feel like your hand is in that permanent “holding camera shutter finger claw” mode.


hand massage allows for better blood flow & oxygen which helps heal injuries & fatigue: some self-massage tips

Stretch the top AND bottom side of your forearm so that all the muscles can release. Here’s a great one:

Licensed massage therapist, @A2ZMassage shares self massage techniques for photographers

How many of you have hand, wrist and forearm issues from being a photographer? Don’t forget all the computer work we do which can cause things like Carpal tunnel and carrying heavy gear can cause things like tennis elbow. What are some things you do to help ease the fatigue and prevent serious injury?

Try these self-massage techniques before, during and after your shoot for a month. Let me know how you feel and if you have seen any relief in the comments below.

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