Avoiding shoulder injury

With all the gear photographers and videographers carry, they become lopsided, tight and compensate with the wrong muscles which can cause injury. This video lets us know how to become more aware of the entire shoulder complex, the big muscles and the small muscles. Plus there are exercises to activate and strengthen them so photographers and videographers can stay injury free.

A great tip from the video by Brittany Crosby of The Co Pilates: Shoulders move 3 ways: up and down, protraction and retraction (forward and back) and circles which combines both movements. When shrugging we want to engage our  latissimus dorsi, lower trapezius and rhomboids. This will stabilize the shoulder and allow the big muscles to work instead of the small upper trapezius along the top of the shoulders.

photographers: become aware of how the shoulder girdle works prevents injury when carrying gear
want to prevent shoulder injury? 3 easy exercises @thehealthyphoto by The Co Pilates

Please make comments below, after you have tried these exercises. I would love to hear how you felt and if you see any improvements in how your body feels. Feel free to ask questions as well.

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*this is an hd video, you can view at a higher resolution by clicking on the video, then click on the wheel icon then change the setting quality so you get a better view

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