21 Days of Moving to Wellness

Enjoy these core strengthening, resistance training, yoga breathing, full body moves that increase your strength, balance, agility and flexibility.

Here is 21 days of Moving to Wellness! I want to encourage you to move everyday. Whether that is taking a walk, climbing the stairs instead of using the escalator, taking a 5 minute dance break or stopping for 5 minutes and doing these exercises. Our bodies like moving!

Most people make a new year’s resolution to get fit, exercise more, lose weight, eat better etc but many people do not keep that resolution past the first month. Most quit within the first 2 weeks. There are all kinds of reasons for it but for me when I have made resolutions that I stuck to, it was the WHY. So what is your why? Why do you want those things?

Here is what I want for you and my why for doing these 21 days. If any of these resonate with you, then please join me and comment below to let me know what you are up to and how your body is feeling.

I want you to have freedom. I want you to have a body that will respond to any demands you put on it and be able to move without pain. Be free to walk, run, jump or dance. The freedom to be able to pick up your camera and climb, twist, turn, jump and shimmy to get the shot.

I want you to have possibility. The possibility that after a long event, you can get up the next day and feel awesome. Instead of holing up in bed wishing for traction that you have the strength and conditioning to go take a walk, enjoy a museum and fuel and recharge your batteries.

I want you to feel good. Feel strong. Feel confident. Your body loves moving. Watch babies, they constantly move. They tend to laugh and get animated when they move. Why not, it feels good. It triggers all your happy endorphins. When you feel good, you live life fully, you take risks, you go out, you seek things, you curl up with good books or good friends.

I want you to be aware. Have the tools to understand what your body is doing, how your day to day tasks effect it. How you can correct an issue before it gets to debilitating.

Losing weight, being fit are byproducts. They are nice haves but being able to function and feel good everyday is what we need and moving just a little bit brings us closer to that goal. So start Moving to Wellness.



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