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Are you keeping your health in focus?

Our mission is to improve the health of photographers and event professionals and increase the longevity of their careers.

The Healthy Photographer is for photographers, cinematographers and other event professionals who seek help in preventing and combating work-related health risks. Its aim is to improve the overall well-being of working photographers and event professionals by providing simple preventative information. We also like to have dance parties on a regular basis.


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photo by Christopher Duggan


After years of lugging around heavy camera equipment and trudging through long shoot days, I realized the damaging effects of my poor work-related habits. I am a professional events photographer with a background in kinesiology, yoga, and extensive training as a professional dancer. I created The Healthy Photographer, an to educate the event industry about their possible health risks and to provide advice in preventing and remedying the negative consequences. By dispensing quick and simple advice, The Healthy Photographer is shooting to effectively improve the health of the event industry and increase the longevity of their careers.

"I believe taking one little step opens up many possibilities. You just never know what is possible unless you try something, unless you take that one little step."

YRT 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Professional Dancer


  • Tacos
  • Spider Holster
  • Dancing
  • Massages
  • Tennis Balls (they are awesome foot rollers, spine rollers and calf rollers)
  • Foam Roller
  • Yoga Mat
  • Perky Turkey Jerky
  • Tate's Bakeshop Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Warm Weather
photo by Bianca Bourgeois
photo by Christopher Duggan


Anywhere that is hot and has a beach
Montreal in summer
San Francisco