I am your advocate for movement.

Find relief, strength, fun and the the freedom to choose how your body responds, 
so that you can take care of business however and whenever you want.

Shoot for a better lifestyle.



After years of lugging around heavy camera equipment and trudging through long shoot days, I realized the damaging effects of my poor work-related habits. I am a professional events photographer with a background in kinesiology, yoga, and extensive training as a professional dancer. I created The Healthy Photographer to educate the event industry about their possible health risks and to provide ways to prevent and remedy the negative consequences. By dispensing quick and simple advice, The Healthy Photographer is shooting to effectively improve the health of the event industry and increase the longevity of their careers.

"I believe taking one little step opens up many possibilities. You just never know what is possible unless you try something, unless you take that one little step."

YRT 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Professional Dancer



Everyone can do yoga. It is for anyone that wants to move their body, learn how energy flows and improve their lives a little bit each day.

We go long days on our feet, lugging around equipment or spending long hours in front of a computer. It can wreak havoc on your body. Let's find what is possible. 


Event Planners are #5 on the most stressful job list, people who sit at their desks all day can reduce their life expectancy by 5 years and eating healthy can prevent all kinds of diseases requiring medication.

Productivity and morale increase when people are taken care of. Each class or seminar can be tailored to your group's personal needs. 


Love to dance? Love Yoga? Love just putting on music and moving your body?

Then join me for Heart Rhythm, an improv directed movement class allowing yourself to be present, moving with the breath and getting carried away by the music and the beat of your own heart.